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Subak World Cultural Heritage

Subak is a farm irrigation system in Bali l defined by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. Subak is an organization of the farmers in Bali that specifically regulates the management or irrigation systems or irrigation of rice fields traditionally, the existence of Subak is a manifestation of the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.

Tri Hita Karana is derived from the word tri meaning three, Hita which means happiness or well-being and Karana, which means the cause. It can be said that the Tri Hita Karana means the creation of three causes of happiness and well-being. Its application in Subak organization manifested in three areas: parahyangan that a harmonious relationship between man and God, pawongan that a harmonious relationship between man and his fellow man, palemahan the harmonious relationship between man and nature and the environment.

Subak communities of Bali is not just an irrigation system, but also the concept of life for the people of Bali itself. In the view of the people of Bali, Subak is a direct overview of the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.

As a method of structuring live together, Subak survived for over a century because the people obedient to the ancestral traditions. Water distribution system is done fairly and equitably, all the problems discussed and solved together, even the timing of planting and determining which plants will be planted was done together.
Sanctions against various types of violations will be determined solely by members of Subak. Subak not terlepasa of ceremonies or rituals performed in temples Subak. Harmonization of life that is the main key cultural preservation Subak in Bali.

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