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Opening New Stores

We are very grateful for your desire to merge into one merchant partner / our suppliers. As preliminary information, we describe briefly the product  requirements  and steps that must be met before opening new stores:

Product Requirements

Products sold must be in new condition, sealed and ready stock, and preferred to give a warranty.

  1. We do not accept products that danger and unlicensed goods that violate the provisions of law in Indonesia.
  2. Merchant partner / supplier must register by filling out the form made available online at www.allstorehospitality.com
  3. Merchant partner / supplier shall include a copy the legal documents of company and send by email to [email protected]


Product Features.

Merchant partner  should  provide a detail products which are  sell online in Allstorehospitality.com. required specifications as follow:

  1. The product name, description, color, product size, weight and price of goods. (prices are excluding delivery cost to our warehouse in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Denpasar).
  2. Product feature posted in 1 or 3 different poses (a side, front or top) with size are  a length  700 pixels, width 500 pixels, a resolution of 300 dpi.

Sign & Register

Some Steps required to  become a merchant partner / supplier of Allstorehospitality.com as follows:

  1. Sign and register in Allstorehospitality.com can be done online at the website Allstorehospitality.com.
  2. After registering, the Allstorehospitality will contact prospective merchant partner to verify the legal  documents of company.
  3. Having been officially registered, a merchant will get an invitation to attend the Merchant Training Application / MTA in office Allstorehospitality.com if a merchant partner located outside Bali will get a video tutorial use of MTA.
  4. Products can be upload  through your account, make sure the description and detailed product specifications and product images are available.
  5. Completing a product detail which  are going to be sell in the new store applied.
  6. Done!. Your products are  ready for sale in Allstorehospitality.com

Provisions Selling 

  1. When the merchant getting orders from customers, a merchant  will receive notification via email and  send the order within 2 days.
  2. After the product is ordered, then the product must be delivered by merchant to our ware house. Packaging must be done by a merchant perfectly.


Payment of products ordered will be transferred to the merchant’s bank account with the provisions already approved in consignmet  agreement.


  1. Products of merchant can be promoted by electronic media network which provided by Allstorehospitality such as: social media, banner, website, emailblast, and others.
  2. Further more  information regarding promotion please contact us  via email : [email protected] by sending product specifications as follows: foto product, promo price, the term of sale and appearance design will be determined by management Allstorehospitality.com

And other information related to opening new stores. We remind you again, that before you open the store, you should fill out an application form in advance. We will verify the products to be sold if it meets quality standards. When it is approved, we will send a consignment agreement on business cooperation which will be built with the approval of both parties.

After consigment agreement is signed, then you are allowed to open stores and was given pin to access this website.