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Spoon Solid Production

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Prestigious heritage. Distinctive shapes. Exceptional craftsmanship. This elite Asian brand, unites modern themes with timeless classic design. Gracing prestigious tabletops all over the world, Bouscue  is worthy of the most respected culinary establishments. Bouscue offers exceptional product coll ... view more


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These are hand made fused glass has been fired (heat-processed) in a kiln at a range of high temperatures from 593°C (1,099 °F) to 816 with an imprint of a beautiful ornamental pattern on the back of the back of the piece. These all have a pattern imprinted on the underside. These product can be u ... view more

Balinese Woven Fabrics

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The island of Bali is not only known for its tourism, but also has various cultures, such as woven fabric crafts. Woven fabric is the result of crafts in the form of fabrics made of fiber yarn, cotton, silk.The process is simple in the manufacture of woven fabric that combines the yarn in a transve ... view more

Celebrating Nyepi in Bali

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A day of silence for the new year To commemorate the new year in Bali, Nyepi is observed is day of silence and introvection. From to 6 pm, no light, no works, no travel, no revelry. a day before Nyepi is  Ngrupuk parade, where huge statues called Ogoh Ogoh are carried   around balinese ... view more

Indonesia Craft

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One of Indonesia's cultural heritage is an art craft that are scattered throughout the islands of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. There are more than 300 tribes that are diverse in local languages, customs, arts, traditional houses, and crafts products. Indonesian craft forms influenced by elem ... view more

Traditional Ways of Producing Batik Indonesia

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The natural dyes are derived from plants and animals, like the roots of a tree, branches (wood), wood skin, leaves and flowers. To strengthened and give desired effect to the color some fruits and other materials were also used like citrus, palm sugar, guava and many others. The chemical or syntheti ... view more

Batik Indonesia

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In addition to its multiethnic background, Indonesia’s unique culture is rooted in the country’s history as an outpost of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab and Dutch explorers, colonists and traders. Indonesia has been known for its batik since the 4th or 5th century, and it has been said that Ind ... view more

Fabric Bali

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Indonesia is known as handicraft producers that can compete in world markets. One of the production of export goods handicrafts that have high selling power is a woven fabric. Industrial weaving craft a large role in the economy and tourism in Bali. In addition to absorbing quite a lot of manpower, ... view more

Subak World Cultural Heritage

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Tri Hita Karana is derived from the word tri meaning three, Hita which means happiness or well-being and Karana, which means the cause. It can be said that the Tri Hita Karana means the creation of three causes of happiness and well-being. Its application in Subak organization manifested in three ar ... view more

Bali Island

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Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia which lies between the islands of Java and Lombok islands, the island is also known as a paradise island. Bali also has several smaller islands, including the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan island, Pulau Ceningan, Serangan island, and the island of Me ... view more

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