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Allstorehospitality.com  system provides various services marketplace with the provisions as contained in the following documents. When you visit the site and take advantage of the various features of the services provided by Allstorehospitality.com, with this, you already agree to provisions that apply. Therefore, make sure you have read carefully the applicable provisions.

Thank you for your visit to our site, www. Allstorehospitality com. We hope that your visit can be beneficial and provide convenience in accessing and using all available services on our Site. We are constantly working to improve and enhance the quality of our services, and would appreciate any feedback, suggestions and feedback from you that you can convey to [email protected] via email or phone at +62 361 8311213 between 09:00 to 17: 00 West Indonesia time during weekdays Monday – Friday, or 09:00 until 14:00 on Saturdays.
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CV. Tri A Bali provide online services through the Site: Allstorehospitality.com or a variety of access, media, devices and other platforms, either already or will be available at a later date.

2. General
By accessing and using the Site and Services We are, you declare to have read, understand, agree and declare subject to the Terms & Conditions (Terms and Conditions of Use) Allstorehospitality.com this.
If you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions Allstorehospitality.com, either in whole or in part, then you are not allowed to access this site or use the services we provide.
2. Terms & Conditions Allstorehospitality.com consists of:
(I) the general terms and conditions that apply to each access and services available on the Site, and (ii) the terms and conditions governing the further conditions of use of certain products or services. In case of any discrepancy or conflict between the general terms and conditions and specific terms and conditions shall prevail are the specific terms and conditions.
3. Terms & Conditions Allstorehospitality.com can we change, modify, add, delete or correction ( “change”) at any time and any change in the effect since we declared invalid or at any other time specified by us; We encourage you to visit our site regularly to be aware of these changes.

3. Usage
This site and the services provided herein can be used by you only for personal use and commercial and any time and subject to applicable terms and conditions that currently apply in the Terms & Conditions Allstorehospitality.com.
2. This site and the products, technology and processes contained or contained in the Site, owned by Allstorehospitality.com or third parties entitles Allstorehospitality.com. Allstorehospitality.com this, do not give any other rights to you for this site, along with all the data, information and content in it. Except for the use that is expressly permitted and allowed in the Terms & Conditions.
3. By using this Website or the services provided herein, you agree not to download, display or transmit in any way, and any content or made available to the public that is not consistent with the use permitted in the Terms & this Allstorehospitality.com conditions.
4. In this site may contain links (links) to a site managed by third parties ( “External Sites”). External sites are provided only for reference and convenience only. Allstorehospitality.com not operate, control or endorse in any form is concerned External Sites or the content / content. You are fully responsible for the use of such External Sites and are encouraged to learn the terms and conditions of the External Sites carefully.
5. You may not create a link, do a screen capture or data crawling to the Site without the prior written consent of Allstorehospitality.com. Those things are considered a violation of intellectual property rights Allstorehospitality.com

4. Services Allstorehospitality.com
Allstorehospitality.com provide and operate the system and online booking facility and an integrated offline ( “Service”), which can serve: the sale of products equipment and supplies needed by the tourism service industry especially the hospitality, restaurant and more, allowing you to looking for information on the products you want, and make reservations and purchases and also make payments online and securely through a variety of systems and payment facilities available.
2. Service Allstorehospitality.com generally be available online for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week; except in the case of the repair, improvement or maintenance of the Site Allstorehospitality.com. The service offline in showroom Allstorehospitality.com carried out in accordance with the days and hours of work as contained in the Site.
3. The products supplied, supplied and held by a third party / merchants who have entered into a collaboration and has held a bond, either directly or indirectly, with Allstorehospitality.com. You understand and acknowledge that:
1. Booking and purchase you make through Allstorehospitality.com, a legal relationship and binding contract between you and Partners Allstorehospitality.com. In this case, Allstorehospitality.com acting as an agent or intermediary whose job is to facilitate transactions between between you and a partner Allstorehospitality.com.
2. Data and information related to a particular product that Allstorehospitality.com put on a website Allstorehospitality.com data and information received from partners / merchants, and Allstorehospitality.com publish data and information in good faith in accordance with the data and information we received ,
3. Allstorehospitality.com has no control over the data and information provided by the partner / merchant of Allstorehospitality.com and Allstorehospitality.com does not guarantee that the data and information presented is accurate, complete, or correct, and free of errors.
4. You are not allowed to resell the Products Allstorehospitality.com, use, copy, monitor, display, download or reproduce any content or information, software, or any of the Services provided on the Site Allstorehospitality.com for activities or commercial purposes whatsoever, without the prior written consent of Allstorehospitality.com.
5. You can use the Site and Services are available to make a booking / reservation valid. You are not allowed to make a booking / reservation for the purpose of speculation, improper or unlawful. If Allstorehospitality.com discovered or reasonably suspect that the booking / reservation you made turned out to be invalid, then Allstorehospitality.com reserves the right to cancel the reservation / booking you.
6. You also warrant that the data and information that you provide to Allstorehospitality.com, both with respect to booking / reservation or registration on Allstorehospitality.com, is data and information that is accurate, current and complete.

5. Purchase Product

Purchasing products deemed successful or completed after you make the full payment as evidenced by a receipt and Allstorehospitality.com sent to your invoice settlement. In the event of a dispute or a problem, then the data contained in Allstorehospitality.com.akan be the main reference and considered legitimate.
2. By completing the purchase will be deemed to agree to receive: (i) the email will send Allstorehospitality.com shortly before the delivery date you want, giving you information about the products you buy.

6. Product Prices
Allstorehospitality.com always strive to provide the best prices on products to be booked by you. Prices shown may have specific terms and conditions, so you have to check yourself and understand the terms and conditions that apply to a specific price before you place an order. You also need to examine and understand the provisions regarding cancellation and refunds that are specifically applicable to the Products and / or specific price.
2. Prices listed do not include shipping costs that will Allstorehospitality.com. inform you.
3. Allstorehospitality.com reserves the right to change the price of a product at any time without prior notice, however, but products that have been purchased by you and that’s where you’ve got the product invoice will not change.

7. Payment

Allstorehospitality.com supported by faspay to accept payment by payment by credit card (VISA, Master Card) .pembayaran can also be done by internet banking, transfers between accounts and between banks to accounts in banks Allstorehospitality.com listed this situ
1. To protect and encrypt your credit card information, Allstorehospitality.com using technological means “Secure Socket Layer (SSL)”;
2. In the case of credit card fraud or abuse of the system of payment by any third parties, then the event should be immediately reported to Allstorehospitality.com and company / bank issuing your credit card, for you get further treatment in accordance with the procedures and rules applicable.
2. Your booking will be confirmed via email that contains product descriptions and booking you make as well as confirmation of payment. Make sure you keep proof of payment. You are responsible for printing and keep the information contained in this invoice is a very important document and you shall bring a printout of the invoice at the time you are going to use or take the products you buy. Allstorehospitality.com or partner / merchant Allstorehospitality.com reserves the right to refuse to provide products or services, if you can not prove that you have legally make a reservation and settlement, and you waive Allstorehospitality.com of all responsibilities and your losses in any form ,

8. Terms of Delivery
Allstorehospitality.com only be able to send any goods that have been ordered by the user, once knowing and obtaining funds from the User appropriately and in accordance with the value of goods purchased Users.
2. Allstorehospitality.com cooperate with reliable logistics company that will send each user reservation.
3. Allstorehospitality.com entrust the logistics that have cooperated with us in menerakan services, pricing, estimated delivery time, and guarantee delivery indicated on the site allstorehospitality.com
4. All forms of complaints on delivery is the responsibility of logistics companies that cooperate with Allstorehospitality.com. We will endeavor to facilitate the user with logistics companies that cooperate with Allstorehospitality.com, and in connection with such User agrees to release us for any claims and damages suffered by users associated with the order delivery process.
5. The user has the right to lodge a complaint to Allstorehospitality.com on the quality of delivery has been awarded a logistics company to cooperate with us or make a complaint directly to the logistics company that cooperated with us in the period and in accordance with the conditions set by the logistic company ,

9. Changes and Cancellations
Except as expressly stated in these Terms & Conditions Allstorehospitality.com, all purchases in Allstorehospitality.com products can not be changed, canceled, refunded money, exchanged or transferred to a person / party.
2. By an order or purchase products in Allstorehospitality.com, you are deemed to have understood, accepted and agreed to the cancellation policies and regulations, as well as any additional terms and conditions imposed by Partners / merchant of Allstorehospitality.com will include the cancellation policy and conditions in each invoice send to you. Please note that certain rates or deals are not eligible for cancellation or alteration. You are responsible to check and understand their own policies and terms of the cancellation beforehand.
3. If you want to review, change, or cancel your order, please refer to the invoice and follow the instructions. Please note that you may be charged extra for the cancellation in accordance with the policies and provisions of the cancellation.
4. Although it is less likely Allstorehospitality.com cancel or change reservations already Allstorehospitality.com confirmed in the invoice, but if necessary, Allstorehospitality.com will notify you as soon as possible.
1. Allstorehospitality.com will be responsible for the changes that significantly affect the provision of Products and Services has Allstorehospitality.com confirm previously, namely:
1. Cancellation;
2. Change the date of delivery, or product;
2. In the case of Allstorehospitality.com making significant changes, then you have the option to:
1. Accept the changes that Allstorehospitality.com offer for a date or other products; or
2. To receive a refund in the form of credit that you can use to purchase products at a later date from Allstorehospitality.com.

5. Allstorehospitality.com not responsible or bear the losses in terms Allstorehospitality.com you can not submit a product or provide service to you, as a result of things that happen as a result of force majeure or beyond the control Allstorehospitality.com and partner / merchant of Allstorehospitality.com to control ( “Force Majeure”), such as, but not limited to: war, riot, terrorism, industrial disputes, governmental actions, natural disasters, fires or floods, extreme weather, and so forth.

10. Security
When you make your reservation, you will be using the access Secure Server Layer (SSL) encrypts the information you send through this Site.
2. Although Allstorehospitality.com will use its best efforts to ensure its security, Allstorehospitality.com can not guarantee how powerful or effective encryption and Allstorehospitality.com not and will not be responsible for any problems that occur as a result of unauthorized access of the information you provide.

11. Responsibility
All data, information, or content in any form provided on the Site is provided as-is.
2. You acknowledge, agree and agree that you bear the risk of any kind on the use of the Site and Services. Furthermore, you acknowledge, agree and agree that Allstorehospitality.com, including any director, officer, employee, partner / merchant and any other party who cooperate with Allstorehospitality.com, is not responsible for and does not guarantee against:
1. All matters relating to this Site, including but not limited to the operation or accuracy of data, eligibility, completeness of data. either express or implied, including any implied warranty of purchase or propriety of a particular purpose or merchantability;
2. Loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, special, or consequential nature, including lost profits, reputation, damage / loss of data, damage to the connection can not be repaired due to the use or inability to use this site either by law or other things even when we were informed about these possibilities;
3. Your access to the site, along with the damage that may result from your access to the Site or external sites. Such access is the responsibility of your own and you must then ensure that you are free and protected from viruses or anything else that may interfere with or damage the operation of your computer system.
3. As far as legally possible, responsibility and damages that may be incurred by Allstorehospitality.com, whether for one event or series of events that are connected, arising from the losses directly suffered by you as a result of an error Allstorehospitality.com , is limited to the total amount of fees you have paid in full as stated in the invoice

12. Closing
All disputes and disputes arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Indonesia. You hereby consent and submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Indonesia in all questions and controversies arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, performance and use of this site.
2. Allstorehospitality.com may at any time modify any part of this site, including products and services and the Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice and use of this site will be conditioned upon the terms and conditions applicable at the time of your use.
3. Additional Terms and Conditions apply to reservations, purchases of products and services and other uses of part of the site, and you agree to abide by the terms and other conditions, including the terms and conditions applicable in relation to certain products and services.